Welcome to Tread Lightly

This is a blog started by my boyfriend Dusty and I when we realised that people were asking us for advice on a regular basis about being vegan, what we cooked and our lifestyle in general, and that if we actually started writing about it, we might be able to really make an impact on a much larger audience.
Becoming vegan was just a starting point for us in our journey, from there where have also started going down the path of zero waste living and Eco building and just recently permaculture.

We wanted to document our life in a way that might just make it easier for other people to do what we do and perhaps inspire someone to change the way they live. As the famous chef Anne-Marie Bonneau said "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." The same can be said of any endeavour we take on to make this world a better place.

We want to inspire everyone to start small, learn as much as possible, keep going until this all just becomes second nature. Yes you will make mistakes, but mistakes are a perfect place to learn from. Nothing has been more satisfying in our life so far than becoming more self sufficient and Eco-friendly. Looking back on the start of last year, we have made such massive changes to our life, but they didn't feel massive at the time. Now they have just become so ingrained in our life that it feels like it has always been this way.

What We're All About

What we want to use this account for is to tell a real life story. When Dusty and I decided to take this new project on together we decided that we want to show people that it's easy to live the way we do, but also that you can be an environmentalist and not always get it right, that not all vegan recipes come out Instagram perfect, that zero waste can be hard to follow up on sometimes, but that it is still an amazing and incredibly rewarding way to live.

We want to share our story, with all our successes and failures, and if we get 1000 followers or just 1, all we want is make a difference in any little way we can. We are embarking on a new part of our journey as we start a new business, expand our old one, learn new things, take on new projects and we would love some company along for the ride.

We also wanted a record of how far we have come, so that we can look back one day and actually see a measure of where we have made progress, what we need to change, and what we will probably never do again. You don't often get the real account these days of where a recipe or idea has failed, but I think it's really important because what I have found I sharing my failed attempts at something, is that when you share, people can look at your idea from a fresh perspective, and maybe offer you a solution you hadn't found yet.

What Kind of Content

We Want to Share

We plan on sharing content like:

• sustainable living ideas

• starting a permaculture garden from scratch

• how we are working on improving our health

• growing a yoga practice

• our journey to getting off-grid

• eco-building and building with recycled materials

• vegan recipes

• homemade food

• vegan activism stories

• cannabis education & growing tips

• sustainable travel tips

• zero waste swaps in the home

• recycling tips and ideas

And pretty much anything else that takes our fancy when it comes to becoming more sustainable and living in harmony with nature.

If you're interested in any of those topics, we are grateful you have chosen to follow us on our journey.


Namaste 💞

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